The Perils of the Wrong Metaphor in the World of Software

I blame ‘software engineering’. When it was called ‘computer programming’ nobody except us nerds knew or cared what it was. To the uninitiated, it was a dark art best not talked about. But some of us weren’t happy with that and wanted to be considered ‘serious professionals’. This is why ‘software engineering’ was born. And this is where all of our troubles began…

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Matt MowerComment
Why is Being an Entrepreneur So Difficult?

You are playing two games, fighting two battles - the one going on in the office and the one going on in your head. Every entrepreneur has to solve the problem of how to make their business a success, whilst simultaneously battling the consequences of the scarcity of their time, attention, and energy. One of these problems is hard, the other almost insurmountable. 

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Rachael ChadwickComment