Why you need a Navigator


Step 1.

It all starts with a coffee, where we begin to explore if it makes sense for us to work together and whether we would enjoy it.



Step 2.

If we decide there is work to do and that we would like to do it together, we move onto a roadmap workshop - an opportunity to explore the challenge in more depth. Here we can create the compelling vision of what you would like it to be and tailor the COMPASS process to your unique situation.



Step 3.

Once the COMPASS process begins, we meet every 2 weeks for 2 hours (ask me why)! In each session, we will incorporate what you have learned from using the tools I will teach you, and keep working to get things unstuck and moving in the direction you want.


Are you interested in The Art of Navigation? To give you a steer, here are a few areas I cover along the journey:


Perspective is the most valuable asset you can bring to your business and, depending on your position, it might be difficult to receive honest, constructive feedback when you need it most. A navigator steps in to fill this gap, helping you to gain insight and make profitable use of what you find.


No one can master it all; sooner or later everyone finds themselves facing a problem or decision that they are not sure how to handle. As a Navigator, with experience my own journey, I’ll help you look at what works and how to learn from what doesn’t.


Do your products generate sufficient value to deliver on your ambitions? Do you have a strategy to generate more value and to be more profitable? The heart of The Art of Navigation is a system for creating products and services that fit customer needs better and create more value for you


Insight is no good if you can’t make it work for you. That's why I developed the COMPASS system. It defines seven pillars of a successful business: Customer, Operations, Mission, Perspective, Advantage, Strategy, and Service. It’s a recipe that combines a tools and a framework for taking action.