Your business appears to be doing fine. So why are you frustrated?

You're the Captain,
I'm the Navigator.

My name is Matt Mower and I’m a Navigator. In a past life, I’ve been a founder, developer, CTO, and mentor at numerous startups and SMEs across the UK, US, and Europe. These days, I’m more into helping other business leaders find their way.

It's not uncommon for decision-makers to feel lost at some point in their journey. Some paths are obvious, while others are hidden from view. CEOs and MDs may face many challenges along their journey; anxiety about progress being slow, frustration due to lack of sales, concerns around building a new product or even the right product.

This is where The Art of Navigation comes in. I’ve spent years working with businesses, seeing these problems first-hand. Now, I use my experience to help leaders find their focus and to move in the right direction again.

Think of it as your very own critical friend and creative partner. The kind that is often missing from your professional circles, able to ask you the questions that will help steer you towards a more constructive and focused mindset for both you and your business.

It's your expedition, I'm just here to help guide it.


Matt Mower,
The Navigator


How this works

One-to-one Navigation

You’re a curious, ambition-led CEO/MD, who is open to disrupting their way of thinking and looking for the right path.

I offer tailored one-to-one navigation services to entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout the UK.

I will become your creative partner. As your navigator, I will help you to guide yourself towards your goals.


You’re an organisation, institution, or company who would like some direction with your business model, decision-making or your budget.

I run a number of engaging, half-day workshops throughout the year that are created to fit your needs.

Please reach out if you would like to know more about any upcoming sessions.


You’re looking for a speaker to take part in a keynote, panel, boardroom talk or large corporate event.

Through my various roles in the technology sector and as a business mentor, I am able to deliver talks that educate, entertain and motivate.

I am also available to speak with journalists for quotes, comments or interviews about my work.


Contact Matt

Intrigued by the idea of a Navigator?

Tell me a bit about who you are, what you’re working on, where you need help and why.

I’ll get back to you and we can explore what working together might look like. The next step will be a chat over a coffee - where all great creative partnerships begin.

As well as one-to-one Navigation, I offer workshops throughout the year. Please get in touch if you would like more information on those.

Press & Media

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